LHS students earn certifications


Photo by Lindsey Cooper

Students work with pharmacy items to prepare for the upcoming certification test.

Several classes at LHS provide opportunities for students to test to earn special certifications during their time in high school. These certification tests take place during the end of the school year. LHS offers certification testing in Photoshop, AutoCad, Microsoft Office, ASE, HIPPA, OSHA, ServSafe, Autodesk, CNA, Pharm Tech, and Revit.

“I think that when potential employers see that I’m Adobe certified, it will tell them that I have experience with technology and that’ll help them pick me for jobs,” freshman Samantha Rodden said. “It’s a good experience to be exposed to new things and not just stick with regular classes.”

Each class has a different certification test according to which particular subject is taught. The Pharmacy Technician certification test will be administered over the summer.

“There used to be three categories on the certification test, and now there’s nine,” pharmacy tech teacher Jason Fleming said. “The first section is on the law that governs pharmacy, and then there’s some pharmacy math, and then you need to know the top 200 drugs that are on the market today.”

Students who pass the certifications are often able to improve their chances of securing a job.  Most of the certifications are the same ones that adults take to show competency in a particular field.

“I am so proud of the students who have taken the certification tests,” graphic design instructor Neda Morrow said.  ”They worked very hard, and it has really paid off.  Many of them now have a real-world, industry-standard certification to put on their resumes.”