Drumline making a change

“Tejas Chaos,” Alyssa says as we stand in front of the student section. We’ve been preparing for this moment for weeks, and now it’s all up to the crowd to decide if they enjoy or dislike the new drumline. The adrenaline is pumping through our veins as we wait for our section leader to tap us off. We stand nervously waiting to see the crowd’s reaction. Finally, Alyssa taps the song off and the sounds of our synchronization fill the air.

Recently,  head band director Steven Moore announced that the drumline was going to change. Moore plans on developing the drumline to one day be able to do independent competitions such as Indoor Drumline.

“There’s just a different level of drumming, a different type of drumming than what we do,” head band director Stephen Moore said. “A lot of it is based on what corps bands do, and it’s not like I’m trying to turn the band corps, because I’m not. There’s just a different level of drumming things we can do.”

Moore had a drum instructor come work with the drumline during the summer. The instructor brought new cadences and jams to the drumline and taught them new music in order to prepare for things such as Country Fest.

“Eventually the drumline will be more disciplined than it was,” section leader Alyssa Burnett said. “It’s already working, and years after I’m gone it will be better.”

The change has been in effect since the end of last school year and they are still working hard in order to prepare the drumline for the future.

“This year it’s a lot more structured than in previous years,” drumline member Dalton Scott said. “It’s not as much ‘make up what you want’ and ‘play however you want to.’ ”

The drumline played when the teachers had their first day back this summer and they will play for Act V,  at pep rallies, and other events.

“It [drumline] gets the whole crowd pumped,”student section leader Michaela Spencer said.  “It’s one of our favorite parts; everyone participates and we all have a lot of fun.”