Apple Approved

Freshman’s app becomes available on the Apple Store

LHS freshman Alex Alonso has created an app called TestVestor that is now available on the Apple Store for iPhones, iPods, and other Apple devices. Alonso worked on his app from late April to mid-Sept, and it was accepted and published on the Apple Store in November.  

“Alex is an excellent student,” web technology teacher Amanda English said. “He’s very self-motivated and always willing to help other students. He already knows a lot of the content, so he’s very advanced and well beyond the level of the class.”

As described on the Apple Store, TestVestor is a simulated stock market app that lets the user invest in stocks with in-game money. This app helps the user learn about the stock market and different tactics involved in investing.

“The app is amazing, and it’s such a useful tool for learning about stocks,” senior Shelby Cooper said. “It’s so advanced, and it’s so impressive that a student can make something like that all on their own. I can’t imagine going through the process of creating an app like that and actually getting it accepted by the Apple Store.”

Alonso began his interest in coding and websites at the age of 11. Since then, he has gone through the strenuous process of creating TestVestor and getting it accepted by Apple. This process involves actually creating the app, submitting it to iTunes Connect, and writing the description of it that is seen on the Apple Store.

“I felt very accomplished once I had finished it,” Alonso said. “I had always wanted to create an application and finally finish a project.”