Time to make the mums

Continuing last year’s tradition,  the floral design class began making homecoming mums on October 2.


“It started out really small, ” floral design teacher Morgan Walker said. “It was just a project I had my class do. But they enjoyed it so much I gave them the option to do more.”


The class is not only making mums but they also made garters and finger mums for the teachers.


“Mums don’t take that long to make, ” Walker said. “It all just depends on how much or how little you want done. We can usually finish a mum in our two class periods.”


Mums are a homecoming tradition in the south that began with young men giving their homecoming dates a corsage.  Most other states don’t include mums in their homecoming ceremonies.


“It’s a very southern thing,” Walker said. “I have friends who live out of state, and I mentioned mums to them and they had no idea what I was talking about.”


Mums and garters are worn to show school spirit on homecoming day. They usually are original and describe the person’s personality.


“I think they’re fun,” Walker said. “I like that it’s a Texas tradition and that it hasn’t died. They are a big and fun part of homecoming. It wouldn’t be homecoming without them.”