Digital Media and Animation Club draws interest

New tech club comes to Lindale


Photo by Kamryn Stacks

Photo by Kamryn Stacks

The walls are lined with computers as students turn their ideas into art. They hope to impress their sponsors and mentors with their skills and original masterpieces that have been put together over many hours. This could be a life changing opportunity.
“The Digital Media and Animation Club allows students who like to participate or enjoy things like Photoshop, video editing or computer programming to compete,” DMAC co-sponsor Amanda English said. “They have mentors come in and help them with their projects so that they can improve their skills.”
DMAC was created for students who wish to understand and appreciate any and all forms of art. The topics of discussion include art forms such as digital media, animation, video, and programming.
“It’s good for the kids because it is all technology-based skills which – in our current society – are at a premium,” DMAC co-sponsor Neda Morrow said. “This allows them the opportunity to push their skills past the regular high school level and give them the opportunity they need to build those skills for jobs, careers after college, etc.”
DMAC brings in people from the community to help mentor the students and help them improve their skills. This also helps the kids see the application of the skills they are learning happening outside of high school.
“My favorite part of DMAC is having mentors who come in and work with the students, “ Morrow said. “This allows the kids to work with others to improve their projects.”

DMAC allows the students to show off their talents in many ways. It presents opportunities for their members to win money or scholarships for their abilities and skills that are learned from their time in the club.
“One of the main things is that we want them to do a competition,” English said. “For example, there’s a competition called ‘Doodle for Google,’ and it’s a graphic design competition where they actually could design the Google logo that comes up when you go to There is also an animation competition, film competition and different graphic design competitions.”
DMAC will generate student opportunities to express and create their own art. It also promotes opportunities for students to showcase their art, including participation in group projects, media contests, video productions and other artistic venues that generate school and community involvement.
“The best parts of DMAC, to me, are that you can have help on your projects, use the labs and express yourself,” sophomore Bryce Ransone said. “Also, the fact that we can have professional help while still in high school is really exciting.”