UIL Season Opener Results


Andrea Hernandez

Junior Julia Montgomery competes in headline, a journalism event. The competition took place at Lindale.

Andrea Hernandez, Managing Editor of News

Members of the UIL academics teams competed at the season opener on Oct. 29. The competition took place in Lindale.


In the Calculator Applications competition, the team placed second, Madeleine Morton placed fourth, and Sarah Kim placed sixth.

In the Math competition, the team placed third and Sarah Kim placed third. 

In the Number Sense competition, the team placed first, Madeleine Morton placed first, Odin Burks placed third, and Anthony Shoukry placed fourth.

In the Science competition, the team placed first, Madeleine Morton placed second, Fatema Smadi placed third, Angelina Jansen placed fourth, Trevor Smith placed fifth, and Julia Montgomery placed sixth. The top biology scorer was Julia Montgomery, the second biology scorer was Fatema Smadi, the second chemistry scorer was Trevor Smith, and the top physics scorer was Aricin Rask.

In the Computer Applications competition, Kylie Kleam placed first and Kaylee Kelley placed second.

In the Computer Science competition, the team placed first, Noah Sullivan placed first, Gage Renfrow placed third, Brendan Berryhill placed fourth, and Garett Lee King placed fifth.

In the Copy Editing competition, Julia Montgomery placed sixth.

In the News Writing competition, Christian Wynne placed fourth, Jaida Jones placed fifth, and Keren Lee places sixth.

In the Editorial Writing competition, Julia Montgomery placed first and Christian Wynn placed second.

In the Headline Writing competition, Charlotte McConathy placed third and Jaida Jones placed fourth.

Overall, the journalism team placed second.

In the Literary Criticism competition, Jaxson Buttram placed second.

In the Spelling competition, Emma Dilley placed first.