Singing it out

LHS choir performs concert


Photo by Emma Johnsen

Choir members performed October 16 in the Performing Arts Center. The concert showcased the talents of the choir department as well as recognized the performers who made the All Region choir.
“I think this concert was a really good experience for the students,” Lindale Choir Director Carrie Hemminger said. “Understanding what it feels like to perform is always key in being motivated.”
Some students performed in groups, while others sang solos. Austin Raymond, Patrick McClain, and Shane McClain performed a song called “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective.
“My favorite part was listening to Austin Raymond sing because he has a really great voice,” senior Holly Gamel said. “It was very nice listening to him.”
Four choir members made the All Region choir, including Austin Raymond, Nathan Steele, Jadyn Holt and Matthew Brooks. Eleven choir members total auditioned for the All Region choir this year.
“I think All Region has been my favorite part about choir so far,” junior Shane McClain said. “I really enjoyed doing that.”
There are 57 students total in choir this year, and 27 of them are freshmen. There are also juniors, 18 sophomores and 9 seniors.
“There’s so many of us this year,” senior choir member O’Quilla Jones said. “We’re bigger than we’ve ever been, and it’s great that there are so many new people.”