Starlette Officers Named After Tryouts


Krista Mullican

Eight Starlette officers were chosen for this years this line. There are 54 girls in the group.

Charlotte McConathy, Managing Editor

The drill team department has named this year’s Starlettes officers.   They include freshmen Samantha McConathy, Mollee-Kate DeWolfe, Carly Shultz, Faith Olds, Abbigail Hanley, Kayden King, Kailyn Mathis, and Addilyn Bills. Starlettes is the dance organization that girls must participate in before being able to try out for the  Star Steppers drill team. 

“I am proud to call these beautiful ladies the 2022-2023 Starlette Officers,” Starlette director Krista Mullican said. “With 51 dancers total this year, I am eager to see what is in store for the Starlette organization.”