Auditions for New Fall Show Begin 8/29


Jaida Jones

Audition flyers handed out by theater students. All high school students are invited to try out in the Black Box.

Jaida Jones, Editor-In-Chief

Auditions for the theater department’s musical open August  29th.This will be the first show of the semester and the performance will be held in November.

“What I hope is that we have, first and foremost, a huge turnout, and that we have a large group of kids who have a love for this story and musical theater,” director Kari McKenzie said.

The first rehearsal will begin September 6th. The department plans to bring in community competitive dancers to perform in several musical numbers.

“I really look forward to the fact that this year we are involving the community with our play,” senior Krissy Dearing said. “It’s always great to be back with friends and that’s what this musical is for me, a great opportunity to make memories and treasure them with our Lindale community.”