Seniors Awarded Superlatives From their Peers

Seniors Awarded Superlatives From their Peers

Senior students voted for superlatives to be featured in the yearbook.

Members of the senior class chose from all of their peers and voted for senior superlatives. They will be featured in the 2022 yearbook.

Vivian Lehmann and Gavin James were both voted most likely to succeed by their classmates. Lehmann is valedictorian and James is the salutatorian for this year. 

“It’s nice to know my classmates think I have a good chance to go far, even when I sometimes don’t feel the same way,” Lehmann said. “I hope I live up to this title in college and beyond.”

Landrie Hay and Isaac Pollard won Ms. and Mr. LHS. This award honors well-rounded students who represent the school’s values.

“This award means a lot to me,” Pollard said. “The fact that my classmates think so highly of me is crazy. I am just so thankful for these people that surround me every day.”

Emma Grotemat and Dillon Derfelt won the most school spirit title. They won for their participation in dress-up days and for supporting the school at sporting events.

“This school has been my main passion for the last four years of my life,” Derfelt said. “I truly love coming and supporting everyone I know as often as I can.”

Halle Lambert and Nate Fitzgerald were both awarded with the most talented superlative. Both students are greatly involved in different activities at the school like choir, band, and theater.

“Honestly, I was very surprised but mostly excited to hear that I had won the category,” Lambert said. ”It’s always awesome when your hard work pays off.”

Brenley Philen and Jacob Seekford won most athletic. They have dedicated their time and effort to their sports like volleyball, football, and basketball.

“The Lindale athletics program has always held such a special place in my heart,” Philen said. “I will definitely miss playing for these amazing coaches that I have formed such a close bond with.”

The best dressed superlative winners were Sophia Rai and Tyler Chamberlain. These students are known for their individual styles and for looking good at school.

“Fashion and clothing has always been something I’ve been passionate about, so I’m honored that they chose me for this award,” Rai said. “Leaving Lindale with this legacy is more than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Taylar Ragland and Brian Shine were voted for the most likely to join the CIA superlative. Both students are well known around the school.

“I love that I was voted this award because it’s a pretty goofy superlative,” Ragland said. “I feel like it proves that the four years I spent at this school were well spent.”

Madison Plunkett and Gavin Taylor won most likely to sleep through an earthquake. They have both had to be woken up by teachers multiple times while in high school.

“I’m not proud of it, but I definitely am known for sleeping in class all day at school,” Plunkett said. “I love that my peers voted me for this funny superlative.”

Carly Hilliard and Justin Ferris received the award for best shoulder to cry on. These students are known for being supportive and caring towards their classmates.

“I love being a person that others can rely on for support in any way,” Hilliard said. “Knowing that my friends recognize me for this is amazing.”

Ellie Watkins and Isaac Pollard won best people to bring home to Mom and Dad. They are well respected by their peers and teachers and spend time helping others through volunteer work.

 “I feel really honored to be chosen by fellow students for these awards,” Pollard said. “These are very silly and very fun and it feels good to be recognized by my friends.”


  • Most Likely to Succeed: Vivi Lehmann and Gavin James
  • Best All-Around: Landrie Hay and Isaac Pollard
  • Most School Spirit: Emma Grotemat and Dillon Derfelt
  • Most Talented: Halle Lambert and Nate Fitzgerald
  • Most Athletic: Brenley Philen and Jacob Seekford
  • Best Dressed: Sophia Rai and Tyler Chamberlain
  • Most Likely to Work for the CIA: Taylar Ragland and Brian Shine
  • Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake: Madison Plunkett and Gavin Taylor
  • Best Shoulder to Cry On: Carly Hillard and Justin Ferris
  • Best Person to Bring Home to Mom and Dad: Ellie Watkins and Isaac Pollard
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