Students have created boxes. They will present them Monday.
Students have created boxes. They will present them Monday.
Kylie Hester

Forensics Class Makes Shoe Box Crime Scenes

The forensic science class will display their shoe box crime scenes Monday and Thursday. Monday they will have a gallery walk through of their class’s scenes and Thursday they will look at scenes from other classes.

“I like this project because it allows the students to be creative with their project ideas,” forensics teacher Amanda Speaker said. “It also has them pay attention to technical details and plausible story lines.”

Students created their own crime scenes and evidence using supplies of their choice, such as cardboard and shoe boxes. They had to have at least five pieces of evidence in the scene which will be marked with markers. 

“This project is super cool,” junior Whitleigh Hayes said. “It’s different from anything I have ever done and I really like the way we get to create anything we want.”

Every student wrote a scenario and a detailed police report that other students will read in order to solve the crime. When participating in the gallery walkthrough, the students must identify the victim, suspects, and how the evidence matches with the story of the crimes involved in their peers’ crime scenes.

“This is probably one of my favorite things we’ve done throughout the year so far,” senior Nataly Sanchez said. “I also love that we have creative freedom.”

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