Star Steppers To Receive New Uniforms


Photo by Maddi Farmer

Last year’s uniform is being retired. New uniforms will be premiered soon.

Maddi Farmer, Staff Writer

The Star Steppers are getting new, updated uniforms and will present them at the first away game. Directors Keri Pierce, Natalie Allen, and Camela Walters have worked together to create a modern style for their uniforms.

“I’m honored to be part of the first group of officers to wear the uniforms,” senior and officer Emilee Dewolfe said. “I think we needed a new start. Also, I’m glad we started this year because it’s [my] senior year, so it’s really special.”

The team has not had a new design, or even new uniforms, in 12 years. This version of the outfit doesn’t include the traditional gauntlets or a separated overlay.

“Team unity is our big message,” Pierce said. “We want to really present ourselves as a team this year instead of a bunch of girls that kind of know each other and get out there and dance together. We want it to be a team, and we want to have that team spirit in our group.”

Lindale has had a drill team for about 25 years, and the team hasn’t worn new overlays and gauntlets since they had to buy their own at the start of the Star Steppers. This year’s directors have taken steps to better the team as a whole, and create a tighter bond between the girls.

“This is one of the strongest teams I’ve had in awhile, and I’m super excited about it,” Pierce said. “Not only dance wise, but as far as the caliber of person on the drill team as well as their effort to be a whole unified team.”