Senior Beckah Doss honey chile salmon dish. She won the competition with this dish.
Senior Beckah Doss’ honey chile salmon dish. She won the competition with this dish.
Photo Provided by Summer French

Culinary Students Compete in “Chopped” Competition

On January 21, the seniors in the Culinary II class competed in a competition inspired by the show “Chopped.” Senior Beckah Doss won this competition with a honey chile salmon dish.

“I think this competition got them to push themselves a little more than usual,” culinary teacher Summer French said. “They had to trust their instincts and have confidence in themselves to get going.”

The contestants had to pick a cuisine and were given a list of five ingredients. They had an hour and a half to prepare their dish and get recipes ready.

“Competitions at other places are typically done in teams with no prep time,” French said. “They come in and find out what the protein is when they get there.”

Due to COVID, the culinary classes are not able to do a lot of competitions that are outside of school. Due to this, French set this one up. 

“We are going to do more of these competitions, and they are going to have less and less prep time with more difficult ingredients and twists thrown in,” French said. “These will get more difficult as the spring goes on.”

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