Theatre Chooses One-Act Play


Sam Lee, Assistant Editor of Photography/Tech

The theatre department has chosen “Nell Gwynn” as their one-act play for the upcoming season, and the competition will begin on March 4 and 5. The theatre company was scheduled to perform Nell Gwynn last year after winning district, but the UIL season was canceled due to Covid-19.

We have the opportunity this year to easily use [“Nell Gwynn”] because normally it’s a whole process you have to go through to get it approved,” theater director Taylor Jarman said. “We want to do a show that is going to fit our group of actors.”

Rehearsals for OAP begin each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after school every week until 5:30. The lead role, Nell Gwynn, is played by Alli Somes with eight other seniors.

“I’m really looking forward to working with [the cast],” senior Ben Watters said. “It seems like a decent mix of experienced actors and a lot of newcomers. I think all of us will grow from this [and] I’m excited about the leadership.”

The play “Nell Gwynn” follows the main character, a quick-witted and beautiful woman as she becomes a member of the King’s Theater Company and is faced with many social complications that she has to resolve throughout the play. 

“I’ve done shows with [Mr. Jarman, Mrs. McKenzie, and the cast] in the past, and I think they really have a good vision going here,” Watters said. “I’ve never seen anything like this creatively.”


Cast List:

 Nell Gwynn: Alli Somes  

Rose Gwynn: Carlie Wilson 

Nancy: Cameron Hilliard 

Louise De Keroualle: Kayleigh Horstkamp 

King Charles II: Alex Gaba 

Charles Hart: Ben Watters

Edward Kynaston: Sonny Mauldin

 John Dryden: Price Minter 

Ned Spiggett: Tyler Chamberlain 

Lord Arlington: Kaleb Cole


 Attendants, Hecklers, Members of the Company 

Krissy Dearing

Olivia Harwell

Jakob Davenport

Lathan Jones

Elizabeth Schwind



  1. Jaida Jones 

2.Caleb Lawrence 

  1. Lauren Knox 
  2. Kaylee Jo Harper