Students take a trip to UT Tyler

On February 11, health science teacher Sally Clemmons took a group of students to UT Tyler to take a tour through their nursing facilities. They got to view demonstrations and talk to UT professors.

“UT Tyler had a preview week for all area high school students, and that day was specifically  for the college of nursing and health science,” Mrs. Clemmons said. “It was kind of like a open house for high school students.”

Juniors and seniors in Medical Terminology attended the trip. On top of touring the nursing facilities, they were able to participate in hands-on activities.

“They got to tour the simulations labs, which is where they have manikins,” Mrs. Clemmons said. “They learned how to give shots and about hand washing.”

This trip will be taken in the years to come. They even provided lunch for the students who attended.

“I enjoyed touring the nursing facilities,” Mrs. Clemmons said. “I took what I saw back and told the students about it. All in all it was a fun hands on day.”