Animating young minds

LHS welcomes new technology teacher, Amanda English

Many people have dreams of how they want to spend their future starting when they were very young. Many aspire to be firefighters, doctors, astronauts, etc.  For Amanda English, college began with the dream of being an accountant; however, she decided to be a teacher instead, and now she is the new computer science teacher at LHS.

“I taught at Chapel Hill for 10 years and truly enjoyed my years there,” Mrs. English said. “However, I grew up in Lindale and currently live in Lindale, so when this teaching job opened up I was excited to take the position.”

English has been teaching 11 years. She teaches programming, animation, web technology, and business.

“I was inspired by my mom who is a retired teacher,” English said. “I was always inspired by teachers I had in college, and even some of the teachers that are still teaching at this high school”

Since she has four different classes, she teaches a variety of subjects. She teaches Javascript, HTML,  and graphic design for Web Tech, which is the designing of characters and animating them with Adobe Flash and games with Alice for Animation.

“Having students get excited about what they are learning and even working on projects in their free time and on the weekend has been one of the highlights of the year,” English said.  “Also, taking students to UIL Academics and having them place has been exciting.”

English brings two teams of students to UIL events to compete. These include Computer Science, and Computer Programming.

“I love working in the same building where I attended high school,” English said. “I love that the traditions haven’t changed since I was here 15 years ago.”