Picture from Sonny Maulden
Student Sonny Maulden takes on his persona of a hero in one of his YouTube videos. Sonny has a channel that is a parody of many dramatic movies.

Students Reflect on Their YouTube Channels

They watch the progress bar slowly creep forward, every second counts in the media stream that is the internet. They put their heart and soul into the project and everything has to be perfect. 3- 2- 1 their videos are uploaded to the largest media platform of all time. Each person has uploaded their own personality onto the information superhighway of YouTube.

Lindale High School Students have created YouTube channels each reflecting their personality. Each student makes videos that are specified in content to reveal their interests and for creatie expression.

“YouTube is a social media platform and social media can be tough at times with all the cyber-bullying,” freshman Krissy Dearing said.  “ I believe it opens up a world that isn’t all sunshines and rainbows and it opened my eyes to what I needed to know [about the world].”

Sophomore Valerie Adams makes time-lapse videos of her making abstract art paintings. She creates her art using a unique technique that involves diluting the paints.

“If a person wants to get started–get an idea, hit record and see what happens,” Adams said. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take so if you wanted to get started on YouTube, get the word out, go out and do it, and don’t let anybody tell you [that] you can not.”

Junior Sonny Maulden started his channel named “Sonofa gweeblesnorf” two years ago. His channel surrounds parodies of war movies and other post-apocalyptic movies and the characters having to deal with that.

“Watching other movies gives you  ideas on how to improve, and you [can] have an idea and refer it to other movies that have already been made,” Maulden said. 

Dearing started her YouTube channel in May of 2012 with the help of her father. She creates music videos and humorous videos that capture her personality. 

“When I was three, I knew I wanted to be famous, and the only way I knew how was to throw myself out there on YouTube with the help of my dad,” Dearing said. “We started to make little music videos and funny tunes and going out places and acting like me.”

Junior Jeffery Ptak started his channel in May of 2015. He produces funny videos that are a part of the ever-present meme culture and has also created commentary videos.

“I like all kinds of media at the time and I really wanted to entertain people,” Ptak said. “[The channel] has opened some doors in the fact that I do have subscribers and at least 50 people will see it.”

Each student creates videos that encompass their personality when they upload it to the web. From painting, to short skits, and then to humorous videos, students have created videos that display their personality to the world.    

“YouTube, not just me being on it, but seeing others reveals a world of knowledge,” Dearing said. “[YouTube] also allows me to connect to people around the world.”

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