Band Members Make Signs for Football Players

Band members hold up their signs for the football players after the game against Nacogdoches. They made signs for six different varsity players for that weeks game.

John Park, Managing Editor of News and Feature

Members of the band are making signs for different varsity football players each week to bring to football games to show their support. They have made signs for six for players at Friday’s game.

“I originally came up with the idea to make signs to spread the support to every player on the team,” senior MacKenzie Yancy said. “We are planning to make signs for at least five or six different players each week.”

So far they have made about 15 to 20 different signs, and they have brought signs to the last three games. They plan to make and bring a sign at least once for every player on varsity by the end of the season.

I hope that this can become a tradition every year for the football season.”

— Senior Brooke Noble

It has really been a lot of fun being able to share the school spirit with all the players,” senior Brooke Noble said. “This was a really good idea from Mackenzie, and I hope that this can become a tradition every year for the football season.”

Yancy works alongside Noble and other fellow band members to make the signs each week. At the games, they ask different band members to help hold up the signs during the game.

“It’s always rewarding to see the players’ reactions when they see a sign with their name on it,” junior Alison Cheney said. “We have a lot of fun spreading school spirit from the band stands throughout the football games.”