‘Lil Jiblet Releases His Second Album

‘     The countdown begins as he frantically scrambles for his iPad to his play on the album. 10…9…8…7…, this is the moment that Jeffery Ptak has been looking forward to for the past year that has gone into making this album.  

     Sophomore Jeffery Ptak, the creator of Lil Jiblet, recently released his second album, ‘Radial Thirds,’ Saturday, May 25. His album has been released on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.


I’ve seen how passionate he is about wanting to pursue music, and I think it is inspiring because being a high school student and him being in all the extracurriculars that he is and still finding a way to pursue his dreams.

— Sophomore Kevin Willis

     Ptak has been working on his this album and the last one on and off for the majority of the past year. His first album featured four different classmates, Ben Lively, Brady Blaylock, Kelsey Schwartz, and Caleb Lawrence, and was released last year on March 3 of 2018.

     “The first three songs were just jokes, but then I thought why not make an album out of this,” Ptak said. “So I ended up filling up the first album with 11 songs and it ended up being about 21 minutes long.”

     Ptak has had a love for music since an early age.  At almost the same time he started to discover his love for making his own music as well.

     “I got really obsessed with The Beatles when I was four and then they really inspired me to write music,” Ptak said. “Then ten years later I got an iPad and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start fulfilling my dream of making music.”

     Ptak has been working on his new album on and off for about a year and the album has ended up with 14 songs in total. Unlike the first album, this one has a feature on almost every song.

     “Some of the songs I worked on in the summer,” Ptak said. “Then around February of this year, I had a creative burst and truly finished the album and had a lot of the ideas I wanted to put into [the album].”

In order to celebrate the release of his new album, Ptak threw a listening party in Hideaway on May 25. He invited everyone that was involved with the album in some way or another, whether it be a feature in a song or just supporting him in general.       “He just has such a passion for music, and I myself have a passion for music,” sophomore Samuel Lee said. “So seeing [all of his work] has inspired me and I [have] supported him in any way possible.”


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