Keeping the Spirit Alive


Teacher Lynda Beck celebrates western day with students Alanna Kologey and Keslie Cook. Beck has participated in numerous spirit days during her years at LHS.

Haylee Haxton, Assistant Editor of Copy and Social

As she adds the finishing touches to her costume, she shares a smile in the mirror with herself. Never in a million years did she expect to go in public in full spirit dress. Stepping out of her comfort zone has never felt so rewarding.

Business Information Management and Principles of Business teacher Lynda Beck has decided to retire after 18 years of teaching in Lindale. Aside from teaching, Beck has been referred to as ‘the most spirited teacher’ on campus by students and staff members alike.

“I got my degree and certification in teaching because I wanted to help students accomplish many things. I put that off to work for AT&T Microelectronics and after 20 years, knew it was time to start teaching.”

Upon hearing of Lindale’s  academic reputation, Beck decided to begin teaching business classes. Beck earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education from Texas A&M Commerce and a Master of Science degree in Professional Development from Amber University in Dallas.

“My husband owns his own business and he will hire me [after I retire] to handle all of the administrative tasks that he spends so much time on,” Beck said.  “I also have two daughters that are getting married and look forward to spending time with future grandkids. My husband and I also plan on traveling a bit in our new motorhome when the time comes.”

Beck also plans to develop new hobbies with her newfound free time. She and her husband intend on continuing their beloved golf vacations that became rare once their children were born.

“I [have always been] uncomfortable doing anything out of the ordinary,” Beck said. “My school spirit actually began by Mr. Brent Berryman, our director of Career and Technology, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.”

The spirit epidemic for Beck commenced when she decided to accept Berryman’s challenge and participate in a circus-themed pep rally. The devoted teacher dressed in full clown attire, introducing a new level of school spirit for the student-body to emulate.

“I think [Beck’s] dress up days just show a little bit of her personality and allows her students to build a relationship with her,” teacher Lindsay Kelly said. “Her school spirit shows her students that she supports what [they] are doing outside of the classroom.”

Beck encourages others to step out their own comfort zones by participating in school spirit opportunities. Although she may be leaving the high school, Beck’s personality and spirit surely will never retire.

“It always makes me happy to see Mrs. Beck dressed up,” sophomore Lauren Collins said. “I think it inspires students to express themselves and not care what others think.”