Marching to the top [video]

Lindale Band Students Compete in NAMMB


Band students competed at the NAMMB (National Association of Military Marching Bands) competition on November 2 in Nacogdoches. Lindale beat out Vidor and achieved a superior performance rating.

“It feels so good to win NAMMB this year,” sophomore flute player Kassie Lindamood said. “So much time and effort went into achieving this, so I’m very happy that we won.”

 Students not only had after-school rehearsals on Mondays and Wednesdays, but they also had to do a lot of individual practice.

“NAMMB made us work hard and really dedicate ourselves to practice,” Kassie said. “Without this experience, I definitely wouldn’t be as musically strong as I am today. NAMMB has not only taught me how to be a good marcher and musician but also how to be a strong leader.”

This is Lindale’s third consecutive year to win NAMMB, and they plan on continuing to compete in the future.

“It’s so exciting to march in NAMMB because you get to walk out on the field and hear everyone cheering you on,” junior Bethany Thompson said. “I look forward to competing in NAMMB next year, and I hope that younger students will get to compete in the years to come.”