iSafety [video]

Welding students use iPads to learn safety curriculum


The LHS welding classes learned about shop safety in a less than customary approach during the first six weeks. Students acted out different scenarios showing the negative consequences of violating certain rules, such as not wearing safety equipment or horseplay in the shop. These were then recorded on Welton Pickering’s iPad.

“For me, it is really important when students first come to welding to learn safety,” Pickering said. “We took our safety curriculum, and instead of doing the traditional powerpoint or lecture, I wanted to find a way to get the students involved in a more hands-on approach.”

Students used various objects for effects, such as ketchup for blood. They also added digital effects using an app on the iPad called ActionMovie FX.

“In one video I had to act like I had been running and cracked my head against the ground,” sophomore Zachary Butler said. “It was a fun way to learn to be safe and better prepare myself in class.”