It Is Time to Come Home


Emily Macon

Homecoming queen Klaire Hicks hugs fellow queen nominee Adrienne Parks.

Sidney Smith

Bodies covered in blue paint line the bleachers. The football team dashes across the field, and the blasting of the band is heard from the stands as boys and girls stand in anticipation with ribbon covered chests. As the player crosses into the endzone,  students of Lindale’s past and present leap to their feet.

Homecoming is a tradition that has been held since before anyone can remember. This year, the school spirit was at an all time high on September 22 as current students celebrated their time in high school and many graduated students returned to see the football team’s race to victory.

This is such a humbling experience.”

— Klaire Hicks

“Every generations homecoming has different tradition,” Student Council adviser Pamela Price said. “I think it is important for these kids to learn these traditions, or traditions in general. Homecoming is more than just what happens at the high school, it is a coming home for former Lindale students, and we had a lot of former students coming back this year.”

A homecoming queen and  duchesses were chosen to represent this year’s student body. Seniors Alisha Kiser, Adrienne Parks, Cassie Bennett and Klaire Hicks were nominated for queen,  with Hicks winning the crown. The class duchesses were for senior Tyra Rodden, junior Kylie Bowman, sophomore Jemah Khalil and freshman Ashley Droblyn. The football sweetheart this year was junior Whitney Wallace.

“This is such a humbling experience,” Hicks said. “I feel really good, all my people love me. I’m happy for all of the other girls who came out here.”

More than just the Friday night football game, homecoming is celebrated throughout the week through dress up days. This year, the dress up days included pajama day, twin day, Hawaiian day, western day and blue out day. The day of homecoming, or blue out day, boys and girls around the school could be seen sporting mums and garters of all shapes and sizes.

“My favorite thing about homecoming would have to be the school spirit,” senior Lexi Anderson said. “I love watching everyone dress up for spirit week and I enjoy seeing all the bright mum’s before the game.”

Students could not help but be filled with school spirit at the homecoming pep rally. Performances included a number by the drill team and another by the cheerleaders, and then a speech by the head football coach preceding that night’s win.

“I really enjoyed the pep rally this year,” sophomore Kaylea Clay said. “The performances were amazing, I specifically liked the cheerleaders’ performance.”

For the 2017-18 seniors this was the last homecoming while in high school, and it was an emotional experience for most. Next year, many students will come home from all around the state and country to celebrate school spirit and remember their roots here at Lindale High School.

“I felt sentimental knowing that this was my last homecoming,” Anderson said. “I have forgotten the past three homecomings, but this year I made sure to pay attention to every detail.”