Teacher Brings Experience from Singapore


Evan Bewersdorf

English teacher Jim Goode takes a question during his lecture. Goode taught in Singapore for 11 years before moving to Lindale.

Evan Bewersdorf

Standing in front of the classroom, he contemplates the year ahead of him. He studies the rows of desks filled with students as he readies his voice to speak. This is the start of his first year teaching after returning to the U.S.

English teacher Jim Goode has started his first year teaching at Lindale High School. He taught all over Texas before moving to Singapore for 11 years where he taught at an international school.

“At the time Mr. Goode came to apply for the job, the candidates were very narrowed down,”  Principal Valerie Payne said. “Since then, the feedback I’ve received has been excellent, and I am not surprised at that.”

His performance so far has been absolutely wonderful… this is something I love to see in any of my teachers, and I look forward to working with Mr. Goode.”

— Valerie Payne

Goode teaches English IV at the high school. He is also a boys’ basketball coach.

“He brings a lot of experience with him,” English department head Renee Ramsey said. “Mr. Goode thinks the kids here are great, and I have no doubt he will be successful.”

Goode taught at one of the top international high schools in Singapore, where his children also attended. The school offers over 28 Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses.

“Teaching in Singapore was really a life-changing experience,” Goode said. “At the school I was teaching, students typically spend around 30,000 dollars per year to attend. However, because I was a teacher there, my children were able to attend freely.”

His wife taught math at Lindale before moving to Singapore. Goode states her input was one of his primary motives for applying to Lindale.

“Before I applied, I called my wife to tell her there was an opening at the high school in Lindale,” Goode said. “She told me that if there was an opportunity to teach here, I should take it as soon as possible. I don’t regret that decision at all and am proud to be a teacher here.”

Goode boasted of Lindale’s reputation across the entire state. Principal Payne stated his skills and past experiences add to this reputation.

“His performance so far has been absolutely wonderful,” Payne said. “This is something I love to see in any of my teachers, and I look forward to working with Mr. Goode during his time here.”