Senior earns real estate license


Evan Bewersdorf

Senior Baylor Payne in Mr. Fugler’s Debate III-IV Honors class. Payne received his real estate license and can legally sell land in Texas.

Senior Baylor Payne recently received his real estate license, allowing him to professionally and legally sell property in the state of Texas. Payne was required to pass the Texas real estate exam.

“My mother was originally skeptical of my ability to pass the real estate exam,” Payne said. “To the surprise of her – and myself – I managed to pass.”

Real estate has always been Payne’s passion. Following in his parents’ footsteps, he can further his family’s ReMax division, and he may even start his own agency. Payne has been involved so far as a de facto sales representative, and often travels with his mother to finish closings on deals.

“By being around my parents, specifically my mother, who is always very invested in her career– was probably the main cause for my choice to pursue it,” Payne said. “Not only because my family is so involved in it, but because it offers me a chance to pursue my career early. At the very least, it gives me income to fall back on during college and even beyond.”

Payne plans on attending Baylor University and double-majoring in political science and entrepreneurship. 

“Besides gaining extra income from the business, majoring in a business-centric field will allow me to further my interests,” Payne said. “Not only am I able to utilize real estate as a way to help my business classes – and vice-versa – but I can also have it as a fallback in case college doesn’t go as planned.”

In addition to pushing the family business, Payne has been working studiously to maintain his standing with the real estate institution and with his college. 

“Baylor has definitely worked hard to get this far,” his sister Matti Payne said. “His dedication and interest in business will suit him well in real estate and college.”