Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting

Game development club puts teachers in a video game

The Game Development Club is currently designing and programming a public video game called  “Lack of Principals,” to be released online soon. It features missing principals and tests of approval.

“It’s a pun on the words principal and principles,” senior Skylore Evans said.  “If you fight without a proper reason, you are considered to lack principles. Also the school’s principal is missing, so it’s kind of funny.”

The development team has yet to announce a release date but the project is currently in very early stages of development. Things are subjected to change as the game’s construction continues. Once completed, the final product will be available online at bit.do/GameDev.

“It’s always more fun to be able to apply your talents in ways that you like,” Evans said. “This really is a creative form of entertainment that we’ve made for people to enjoy.”

The game’s premise is that the principal has mysteriously vanished and the school board decides to make the teachers have a “popularity contest” for the job opening. The contest consists of actual Lindale High School teachers “fighting” each other in order to win the approval of students for the position.

“In this case we are learning how to solve problems with programming and developing,” junior Tyler Meador said. “It really helps you understand the situations you are getting into and all that goes into making a game.”

The team has stated that characters will be released four characters at a time. The game will most likely be updated and released in sequences until it’s final completion in order to allow players to suggest ways to improve the game.

“One of the important things about game development club is showing them how challenging it is and how hard they’re going to have to work if it’s something they really want to do,” computer science teacher Amanda English said. “ I hope they get to see the programming side of it, the 3-D animation side of it, and see all the different careers that are a part of programming.”

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