Clown hoax raises fears in local areas

Many people have a fear of clowns, and with the recent stories of criminals dressing as clowns, many have taken precautions and are wondering if this small town is still safe.

“It’s frightened a lot of kids, frightened a lot of adults, and we have parents calling up here asking about the situation,” vice-principal Matt Strode said. “It’s just meant to cause terror among our students and parents.”

Even though there have been no threats made against Lindale, campuses have looked into the situation to ensure students safety.

“Officer King [Joey King] has actually contacted the FBI about the situation, just to clarify that no one was in any actual danger and it was in fact just a major hoax,” Strode said.  “There has not been one shred of evidence to support that there has actually been clown sightings. This is just something people have posted to cause other people to be frightened.”

Though danger is not prominent in Lindale at this time, administrators have had to add extra provisions to their routines in order to assure their campuses’ security.

“We have kids here that we have to be on alert for,” Strode said. “We had a kid wear a shirt with a clown on it and we had to make him change because it’s not such a good idea to be wearing that because people are on such high alert this time.”

With all of the uncertainty of the situation, the upcoming holiday seems even more stressful than before. Children will most likely be without supervision and not paying attention to their surroundings.

“I think that police will be on the lookout for clowns,” junior Thomas Olsen said. “But, there’s not much you can do, everyone wears masks on Halloween. Anyone could be anybody.”