Some computer systems receiving upgrades

The technology department for the district is implementing new changes to certain systems at the high school campus. The tech department is upgrading all of the Windows 7 computers to Windows 10, and all Adobe products to CC. This change has been going on all year and will extend into next year.

“We have been replacing a lot of computers, as you well know as technology gets older, it becomes out of date,” CTE Director Brent Berryman said. “So in that process, we try and keep up with newer technology by upgrading our computers, especially in the CTE area where we deal with current industry trends.”

Many of the upgrades have focused on the career and technology classes. They have been slowly upgrading computer labs to the new technology and they will continue to upgrade as the year finishes.

“The new technology within the school system will benefit our students because it will allow them to do more things,” senior Aaron Cortinas said. “With the updated technology, these companies will put new features in these programs and students will be capable of doing more within the program and be able to do more things.”

The changes in technology will allow students to learn how to adapt to the changes, just like they will have to learn in the real world. 

“In our world today, if you’re not current, then you’re falling behind,” Berryman said. “And if you’re falling behind it’s just that much harder to get a job.”