Four LHS students serve as members of Civil Air Patrol

As members of the Civil Air Patrol, senior Hagen Brooks, junior Jordan Palmer, sophomores Daniel Sosa and Luke Lindamood  are all part of an elite program that prepares them for a career serving their country. 

“Civil air patrol is the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force,” senior Hagen Brooks said. “We conduct emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs.”

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded about a week before the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred. It started out as a civilian group of volunteers who wanted to use their aviation skills to use in protecting the country . It then went through congress to become a civilian auxiliary to the United States Air Force.

“To me Civil Air Patrol means a place for me to learn and expand my knowledge on certain subjects such as discipline and leadership,” junior Jordan Palmer said.

Although there are just four members of CAP at LHS, it is a program with members across the country.

“One of the most powerful experiences I had in the program is the brotherhood,” sophomore Daniel Sosa said. “You get to meet different people, just getting the opportunity to speak with them is really great.”

CAP offers opportunities in aerospace education which teaches emergency services and helps people around the world. Many people in CAP join with the idea of serving their country.

“I got in Civil Air Patrol about 4 years ago, and I was dead set against joining the military,” Brooks said. “I went through a lot of activities in Civil Air Patrol and started noticing the benefits of Air Force in the military and ultimately that led to my decision to enlist in the United States Air Force.”

CAP has also given it’s members the chance to experience the benefits of helping others and living a life of service. 

“It’s a way for me to get prepared for a future in the military or just become a better person in general,” sophomore Luke Lindamood said. “Last year when the tornadoes hit Van, I went out there with some people from Civil Air Patrol and we helped people clean up.”

CAP has impacted each of their numerous members in a way they will never forget.

“I think the most powerful experience is when I actually went to a flight academy this summer that was hosted by the program,” senior Hagen Brooks said. “I actually got to solo at the end of the flight academy.”