Keeping it clean [video]

LHS custodians noticed for exceptional work

The empty halls echo with the sound of soft footsteps followed by the slight whispering of a broom as the sun rises outside. The building is quiet other than the few custodians who have already begun their day’s work.

The LHS custodial staff has been working almost nonstop since the school year ended to prepare the facilities for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

“It takes a good team effort,”  custodian Joanie Creamer said. “We have a good crew on top of that.”

The custodial staff works almost year-round to make sure that the school stays clean. Some of them get here as early as 5 A.M., and some do not leave until 7:30 P.M. on weekdays.

“We all pull together and do what we are supposed to do,” custodian Barbara Calip said. “This school is the pride of Lindale. We want to keep it like that.”

Lindale has a special place in the hearts of some of the members of the custodial staff. Many of the custodians have grown up in Lindale and enjoy being a part of Lindale’s school legacy.

“I like working here,” custodian Sandra Meraz said. “I’m from Lindale and my grandkids go here. I like Lindale.  We work a lot and we get along. We have our little things here and there, but it’s alright. I’m proud of this school.”

As the school year approaches and eventually begins, the custodians put more and more hours into keeping the school looking its best. Not only are they here every weekday before and after school, they also come early to every sporting event, debate tournament, UIL competition, and every other extracurricular event that the school hosts and they stay late to clean up afterwards.

“We want them to know that [their] job does not go unrecognized,”  assistant principal Ryan Tomlin said.  “They are just as important as any teacher, principal, or superintendent at any school because if they don’t do their job well, then we look pretty bad.”

The LHS custodial staff also has a reputation in the local area.  When members of other schools visit LHS, they often remark about the cleanliness and overall impression of the school.

“I think the grounds and the inside of the school is exceptionally clean, well-taken care of, and looks brand new,”  Big Sandy Junior High Principal, Lance Morrow, said.  “The custodians and grounds crew should be commended for their excellent work.  A clean school really represents the district well to the community and makes others take notice.”

Although the work can be tough at times, the custodians are also known around the district for their positive attitudes and work ethic.

“They set an amazing example,” Tomlin said. “ Every time they come to school in the morning the first people we see are Flo and Barbara, and they are smiling and excited. They have joy and most people would wonder why they have so much joy because it doesn’t look like a very fun job, but it motivates you. They set the tone. That’s one reason this school is successful.”