Photo by Alex Johnson
Photo by Alex Johnson

Rising in the ranks

LHS students are inducted into the NHS

Thursday evening 101 students were inducted into the National Honor Society. 85 sophomores and 16  seniors and juniors joined the ranks of LHS members.

“Being a member of the National Honor Society is an organization that connects students with people and colleges throughout the country,”  NHS president O’Quilla Jones said. “It is one of the largest academic organizations for students in the country and so being a part of it is great thing to have on one’s college or scholarship application.”

NHS was the first nationwide honos society in the United States. It requires its members to uphold high standards when it comes to grades and behavior.

“It feels great to be part of a wonderful and prestigious organization like National Honor Society,” sophomore Andrew Barr said. “NHS requires you to be responsible, as I had to keep my grades high and it took hard work to keep them that way.”

Being one of the top academic organizations for high school students, the NHS holds a high standard. Members must complete a minimum of 15 service hours throughout the year and must keep their GPA above a 98.1.

“NHS is important because it recognizes students that are academically profound and that have a desire to make their community better,” Jones said. “What will come next year will be determined by the next set of leaders, but for every year we hope to continue to raise the standard of Lindale’s National Honor Society.”



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