Staff member Debbie Barnett holds up Colleen Hoovers it Ends With Us. She was substituting for Mr. McKenzies class.
Staff member Debbie Barnett holds up Colleen Hoover’s it Ends With Us. She was substituting for Mr. McKenzie’s class.
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Colleen Hoover – The Queen of the Best-Seller List

Local Author Gains Popularity Nationwide

Recently, a name has filled the halls of Lindale and the streets throughout America. Colleen Hoover, a local East Texas author from Sulphur Springs, has taken the world by storm with her thriller and romance books. Everywhere you look in the halls– substitutes, teachers, and students carry her books around trying to read her skillful words as they find time between school work. If you ask anyone for a book recommendation they will most likely say “Colleen Hoover.”

But what makes her so special? Not only does she hold six of the top ten spots of the New York Times Paperback Fiction Best-Seller List, but she is currently the best selling novelist in the United States,

I like her books because they are easy to read. Her books are fun to read and her style of writing is great.

— Sophomore Andrea Hernandez

Something that makes her even more special is her bookstore, The Bookworm Box, in her hometown of Sulphur Springs. Her bookstore only holds copies of signed books from authors near and far and all proceeds from the bookstore are donated to charities such as Children’s Tumor Foundation, Nutcracker Research Foundation, and 400 more with more than a million dollars donated. 

Now let’s talk about some favorites. Colleen Hoover has published over 20 books and novellas for young adult audiences. 

Each book is completely different and just as exciting as the last one I read. The plot is very unpredictable and they always have crazy plot twists.

— Junior Fiona Turney

Ranking number 3 on my list is her book Heart Bones. One thing that Hoover does very well is writing unpredictable endings and this book highlights that strength. This book captures love and pain in such an artistic and heart wrenching way. It really puts a strong meaning behind her title Heart Bones  and captures the most meaningful parts of young love. Without giving too much away, this book will bring you to tears in the best way. 

Second, Without Merit. Although it had a slow start, this book was a thrill to read. It’s the perfect innocent romance with many wonderful surprises. You really fall in love with the characters and experience their emotions of jealousy, sadness, and forgiveness all in the span of its 384 pages. Without Merit is worth the read, just make sure to set aside a few hours because once you start reading you won’t want to stop until you’ve read every last word.

Finally, one of Hoover’s best books is the extravagant Regretting You. There is so much to be said about this book yet it leaves me speechless. This book shows the beautifully complicatedness of mother-daughter relationships and their trials and tribulations. With a beautiful display of second chances and the reality of young love. This coming-of-age novel will have you laughing, crying and captivated starting from chapter 1. Go read this book!

I like Colleen Hoover because she brought something finally new to the table of literature. She stands out in a world of other authors with her world of fiction that she envelops her readers in.

— Senior Krissy Dearing

  1. Regretting You
  2. Without Merit
  3. Heart Bones


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