This is a screenshot from Super Mario 64. This is the oldest game of the trio, as well as the first three-dimensional Mario title.
This is a screenshot from Super Mario 64. This is the oldest game of the trio, as well as the first three-dimensional Mario title.

Mario’s 35th Anniversary Brings New Releases

On September 13, 1985, Mario was officially born alongside the release of the video game Super Mario Bros on Nintendo’s first home console released in the United States– Nintendo Entertainment System. After 35 years and over 200 video game appearances, this Italian plumber adorned in a red hat and overalls not only transforms the videogame landscape with every major release, but leaves a lasting impression on the people of all ages who indulge in this media. The most recent anniversary is being adorned with a trio of major releases showcasing the genre-defining 1996 Super Mario 64, the super slick and innovative 2002 Super Mario Sunshine and the linear but explorative masterpiece 2007 Super Mario Galaxy. This was done in an effort to commemorate this middle-age anniversary, and that means all things Mario, with all of the nostalgia, long jumps and starts to boot. 

From his first, nameless, appearance in an arcade cabinet to having a ritual following in the palms of people across the globe, there is little doubt that Mario remains one of the most recognizable and prolific video game characters ever thought up. This level of fame comes with inevitable memories and since his particular video games cater to audiences of all ages, the nostalgia factor is at a fever pitch with students across campus. 

“Super Mario 64 was the first video game I ever played and still to this day is one of my favorite video games ever,” senior Matthew Abrameit said. “The beautiful soundtrack always pulled me into another picture frame, and the fact that you could go to all these other worlds by jumping into a picture still blows me away. I could only play when I visited my aunt and uncle during Christmas, but I always looked forward to seeing them knowing I would jump right back to where I had left off.”

This compilation of re-mastered releases may not include any of the two-dimensional classics from older eras, but to many critics and fans alike, the addition of the third dimension defines the character as we know them today.  For me, it was Super Mario Sunshine where my brother and I spent hours passing the controller as we tried to progress in the game. The controller was in his hands far longer than mine, but it’s hard to express the sentimental value that is placed upon these games in the hearts of not only me, but kids across the world. 

When I was 7, I got a Wii for Christmas along with two games, one of which being Super Mario Galaxy 2,” junior Aaron Roden said. “ I’ve played games since then, playing mostly Nintendo up until my 15th birthday when I got an Xbox. That Mario game was one of my first video games.”

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