How will COVID-19 Change the World?

On 9/11, Americans found out we are not immune to disasters that formerly only occurred in far off grounds. The 2008 financial crisis revealed to us that we can endure the catastrophes of past times, similar to the financial emergency of the Great Depression. Presently, the 1918 flu pandemic is an unexpected ghost in our lives brought back by the Covid-19 crisis.  The personal can become dangerous; the comfort of being in the presence of others might be switched with the comfort of being alone. So, what will this crisis change about our lives?

As a result, COVID-19 will crank up the use of online communication around the world. This creates more connection with not only the people near us, but people further from us. 

Also religious worship will look different. Various Christians are inclined toward expressing and complementing the triumph of desire and life over fear. Regardless, how do Christians celebrate their holiest day if they can’t support Easter morning together? How do Jews recognize their reclamation from bondage when Passover Seders must happen on Zoom? Could Muslim families watch Ramadan if they can’t visit mosques for Tarawih petitions or amass with loved ones to break the fast? All religions have dealt with trials and tribulations during quarantine. 

COVID-19 has forced the government to intervene with citizens’ daily lives and the economy. The government will continue to make further changes in the near future, assuming that COVID-19 continues. Due to the large number of cases and rising death rates, awareness of the war on diseases will rise as well. Because of the huge human and economic toll of the pandemic, it will increase investments in health research in order to stop and prevent worldwide epidemics like COVID-19 from happening in the future.

 COVID-19 has not only kept students from attending school, but it has caused a worldwide shock, and distanced from people all around us. COVID-19 prevented us from practicing our faith properly by having class digitally everyday. We are living in a history lesson right now, and in my opinion, this will change how we interact with each other and go out with our daily lives. 

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