Senior Ad Deadlines Extended Due to Covid-19 Crisis



Seniors from 2019 purchased senior ads for their yearbook. Senior ad deadlines for the Class of 2020 have been extended due to the Covid-19 crisis.


Senior ads for the Class of 2020 are due at the end of April.  The deadline has been extended due to the Covid-19 crisis.

“We want all the seniors who purchased an ad to have the opportunity to get their pictures made,” yearbook adviser Neda Morrow said.  “With the limitations on businesses due to the Covid-19 crisis, some seniors weren’t able to schedule photography sessions.”

The payment deadline for senior ads has also been extended to May 15, although arrangements can be made for any parent who needs more time to pay. Questions about ads can be sent to Neda Morrow at [email protected].

“We know that this is a tough time for some parents, and many people have lost their jobs,” Morrow said.  “We want to be as flexible as possible with the senior ad process during this stressful time.”

Senior ads are custom-designed sections of the yearbook that are specific to the senior who purchased the ad.  Normally, senior ads include current photos as well as baby photos and/or extracurricular pictures as well as an encouraging write-up from the student’s parents or family members.

“Senior ads allow seniors to look back on the personalities of everyone they went to school with,” senior Emma Grace Cox said. “Senior ads also give parents, family members, and other students the ability to look back on the happiest times in a senior’s life.”

The ads have specific rules based on the size purchased which includes the amount of pictures and number of words in the write-up.  Additionally, there are rules related to what content is permissible in the ad itself.

“The yearbook staff wants the senior ad section to be a time-capsule of sorts,” Morrow said. “This spot in the yearbook is special to most seniors because they get to be highlighted in the book at the point of their lives when they are young and beautiful and have their whole lives ahead of them. Because the yearbook is a collection of memories from the whole year, senior ads allow students to remember their friends forever.”

Seniors who have pictures to submit can email them to Neda Morrow at [email protected].  Payments can be mailed to the high school at 920 E. Hubbard, c/o LHS Yearbook.

“Whether it be two years or 20, looking back on my senior ad will open a floodgate of emotions and memories from my senior year,” senior Sarah Carter said. “One of the most amazing things about a senior ad is having the opportunity to show my kids in the future that I was cool once even if they don’t believe it.”