Should students attend college?

Should students attend college?

  From Kindergarten to Senior year, the importance of attending college is greatly advertised. During this time of year, many juniors and seniors are currently making their final choices and applying to the school of their dreams. However, in modern times, there are new opinions as to whether attending college is of importance to students.

  The necessity of attending college differentiates with different situations. However, above all, it is the best possible choice for most people to adequately prepare themselves for their future.

  College gives people time to discover things about themselves and reaffirm their interests. In college, you get time to try out classes that go towards your major, your prospective career path, and it confirms that you are interested in these things. If you end up not being interested in what you thought, you can change your major before you are stuck on a career path that you don’t fully enjoy.

  College can usually give people more employment options. Many places of employment require degrees in their field of work. However, this is where different situations can change the importance of college. For example, a person can acquire a vast knowledge of computer programming before they enter college. In this situation, this person could almost definitely find work without a degree as long as their work is of good quality, because as technology is advancing in the world, the need for programmers is immensely increasing. This is just one example of many where your skill can allow you to pass college.

  All in all, the choice is up to the student. A lot of thought should go into deciding if one’s choice of profession is in high demand and if a formal education is not needed.

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