Lindale freshman to become high school principal for a day

Lindale High School freshman Kaitlyn Dockery will live a student’s dream on
Monday when she has the run of her school with both students and staff. Kaitlyn will
spend December 9 as LHS’s Principal for a Day.
The title was initially an auction item during a fundraising event for the Lindale
ISD Education Foundation. Family friend Mark Nowell purchased and awarded the daylong
honor to the high school freshman. Proceeds from the auction will benefit LISD
classrooms through innovative teaching grants awarded by the foundation.
Serving in the temporary role of principal, Kaitlyn will follow the actual principal of
Lindale High School, Casey Neal, throughout the day. She will observe classes, attend
the LISD school board meeting, and oversee the day-to-day operation of the school.
Due to legal parameters, Kaitlyn will not engage in any disciplinary issues or confidential
student or staff discussions.
“It’s awesome,” the excited ninth grader said.
“Just to get to be the head of the school and have all that power will be fun. I will
be extra nice to all of my teachers,” Kaitlyn joked.
Kaitlyn is also looking forward to learning more about her school principal Mr.
Neal. “Not a lot of people get a chance to get know the principal, so this will be a fun.”
“This is a great opportunity for any student,” LHS Principal Casey Neal said.
“Often as administrators, the students see only the official side of what we do or the
disciplinary side of the job. This is a great chance for a student to see what all we must
do to make sure we provide a safe and effective learning environment for them. I’m
looking forward to letting her sit in my chair for a while.”