Eagle Eye Staff Answers Survey Questions From the Class of 2022


A survey was sent to the class of 2022 as they start thinking about beginning high school this fall. The students had the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the new journey they will soon face as freshmen. A selection of questions were given to current high school students and staff to hopefully provide answers to help students have a better understanding of what to expect.


How many credits do I need? -Keturah Merritt

Students are given a booklet in 8th grade on everything they need to know about graduating. On page 2, students will find that they need 26 credits to graduate. -David Ramsey, Counselor


How do you manage to keep your grades up and be a star on the football team? -Christian Lopez

It is all about time management. As soon as I get home from practice or a work out, I sit down and study every night for at least an hour even if I do not have any homework. Doing these things helps me stay caught up on school. -Dillon Heinaman, 11th


How many after school activities can you do? -Nataly Tapia

You can do as many school activities as you can handle. It is totally feasible to handle multiple after school activities, but you just have to make sure you can handle it all with your schoolwork. The different teachers in charge of extracurriculars will work with each other to make sure you can get it all done. -Maddie Mezzell, 11th


What is FFA and how do you join? -April Freeman

FFA has been the highlight of my high school career. There are so many opportunities available within the organization such as singing, speaking, livestock judging, horticulture, dancing, showing animals, and business conducting. The opportunities are endless! In FFA, there is a bond between FFA members like no other. You get to meet new people not only within your high school but within your district, area, and even state! The competitions are engaging and competitive, and there are multiple conventions, events, and dances that make the organization fun! In order to join FFA, you must be enrolled in an agriculture class, which is Principles of Agriculture for freshmen. -Ashlie Thompson, 12th


How many different electives are there for someone interested in art and creating new things? -Lian Boone

There are so many options that are available for students of all interests to express themselves artistically. Just a few include Theater, Culinary Arts and welding. For Visual Arts the High School offers Art 1, 2, 3 and 4. Mrs. Mckenzie and I each teach sections of Art 1 and I teach embedded classes of “Advanced Art”. These are art classes that have Art 2, 3 and 4 students in them. Your year in Art 1 serves as your Fine Arts credit required for graduation. If you choose to continue into the Advanced Art class you will see a shift if the format of the class. We will study some traditional and contemporary artists and strive to discover and develop your unique art making style in the media of your choice. The goal is that you will continue to grow your skill base set, while developing your own style and studying the artists that came before. -Rebecca Harrison, Art Teacher


Where do we go in the morning? -Haylie Gregory

Band kids spend most of their mornings practicing in the parking lot for our upcoming marching contest so we usually meet out there or in the band hall. Non band kids typically meet in the cafeteria or gym to sit and chat before class. -Hayden Nicholson, 11th


Do we have more freedom? -Makayla Alana

Freedom can be defined (and interpreted) in many ways; so here is my perception: In high school you will have the freedom to choose more elective classes than in junior high. For example, once you have picked your graduation plan, then you have some freedom to select elective classes that align with your graduation plan and your personal preferences. You will also have more “freedom” in selecting from more clubs and extracurricular activities. On the flip side, we are a closed campus, so you do not have the freedom to “go out” for lunch! -Valerie Payne, Principal


Is it hard to get to class on time? -Lexi Keels

As long as you do not take too long between classes, you can totally get to class on time. Just do not spend too much time talking to other people in the hallway. Some classes you can get to in about 30 seconds, but there are some classes that you might have to walk a little faster to get there with plenty of time. -Maddie Mezzell, 11th


What is TJC Promise? -Paige Frazier

The TJC Promise is a scholarship that TJC offers to all students in Smith county upon entering high school. TJC will come to LHS in October and provide all the info needed. Basically, students get a full tuition-only scholarship for two years to TJC be simply agreeing to a few minimum standards. -David Ramsey, Counselor


Is it difficult to keep up with your school work? -Cerina Silva

The difficulty certainly depends on the difficulty of the class. For AP classes, there is more work; however, keeping a planner or alarms in your phone really help you to stay on top of it and to not be forget. It really only gets bad when we get lazy or miss a bunch of school in a row. Though, problems with keeping up with work didn’t really start affecting me until after freshman year. -Mara Griffin, 11th


How many electives do you get to choose? -Owen Watkins

Electives vary from year-to-year, but it usually averages about 3 per year. -David Ramsey, Counselor


Is high school fun? -Nate Fitzgerald

High school is the best! You will be given a lot more responsibilities, but as long as you are able to stay on top of your schoolwork and extracurriculars, it is a blast and a half. Easily the best four years of your life. -Ashlie Thompson, 12th


What happens if I get lost and late to class? -Avery Skender

We have a Fish Camp Thursday, Aug. 16 at 10 a.m. in the PAC for all new incoming 9th graders. On that day the new freshmen learn all about our rules, dress code, and they are given a guided tour of the school. Then, on the first day of school (Aug. 20) we will have Student Council kids available to help “guide” our new students. The school is also open almost all summer long, so as soon as you know your schedule, you can come up and walk through what a typical day might look like. If you were ever to get “lost”, any student or adult will be most happy to help you find your way. At any time you are late to a class you need to check in at the front office or in the Library. We give a “grace period” on tardies the first week of school; after that you need to be careful or you will wind up in D-hall for tardies. -Valerie Payne, Principal


What is the dress code like? -Ellie Watkins

The dress code is the same as it has been for about 20 years! You can go online HERE and read your student handbook where it spells out exactly what is acceptable and what is not. We make it very clear what can or cannot be worn to school. -Valerie Payne, Principal


What tech clubs are there? -Miles Hill

We have a Game Development Club. We also have UIL Academics Computer Applications and Computer Science As far as tech classes, we offer Computer Programming, Web Technologies and Digital Media. Digital Media is the course they would take their Freshman year. -Amanda English, Technology Teacher


Can we have our phones out during class? -Carly Hilliard

Phones, ear buds, headphones, etc. are to be invisible once you enter the building each day. On rare occasion, a teacher might allow phones to be used for an assignment; however that is VERY rare now that we are a 1:1 iPad school. Each classroom has a cell phone storage unit where phones are to be placed during class. If your phone is confiscated, it is turned in to the office and a parent has to come and pay $10 for you to get the phone back. -Valerie Payne, Principal


Can you leave for lunch? -Shawn Jenkins

We are a closed campus and you cannot leave for lunch, EXCEPT if Mom or Dad checks you out…and that is only acceptable on special or rare occasions. We do have food deliveries from Doc’s Pizza almost every day; of course that has to be paid for in advance by you or a parent. Other times parents will pick up food from places like Subway, Whataburger, etc. and deliver it to their student. -Valerie Payne, Principal


How late do band practices last? -Marlee Sorrells

Band practices are a variety of different times. During marching season, we have Monday night practices that last an hour and Wednesday practices that last an hour. During concert season, practices end anywhere from 5:30pm to 8pm. All of the hard work truly pays off. -Hayden Nicholson, 11th


Are lunches just a grade at a time, or are the grades mixed? -Anna Thompson

Lunches are mixed with all grades from freshman to seniors. It’s nothing to fear though. Most people sit with their friend group at the same table every day, and the classes intermingle depending on the people. There are usually a few stragglers like myself included who sit next to someone I know in an open spot whenever I don’t bring my own lunch. The main goal is to get in line as soon as possible especially if you have C lunch, because sometimes food begins to dwindle. -Mara Griffin


Do extra curricular classes go on your GPA? -Makiah Ray

Extra curricular classes do not count toward your GPA. -David Ramsey, Counselor


Are you allowed to carry your backpacks with you to your classes? -Miranda Sanchez

When it comes to carrying your stuff from class to class, you have two options: you can carry your backpack or request a locker. Most students just carry their stuff. -Dillon Heinaman