Life Skills Student Cycles All the Way to State


Suann Pullen

Brandon Pullen on his bike. Brandon will be going to UT Arlington on Memorial Day weekend.

Brandon Pullen will be participating in the Special Olympics Cycling competition at UT Arlington on Memorial Day weekend. He will be participating in both the 1k and 5k races, and in the past has timed 17:34 in the 5k and 3:52 in the 1k.

“I’m anxious to see how he does,” Suann Pullen, life skills teacher and Brandon’s mother, said. “He’s really excited about the event, he’s been telling everybody in and out of school about competing. It’s really something pretty exciting for him.”

Brandon has been participating in the special olympics for 3 years, during which time he has participated in other sports such as basketball, but cycling is his favorite sport.

“He’s just really taken to cycling because it’s more of an individual sport,” Pullen said. “Our cycling group only has five other young adults in it, and I think he likes that small group.”

Being able to take part in the sports has helped Brandon’s motor skills and social skills. His father has taught him how to operate and shift gears, while being in a team activity lets him socialize with like-minded people with similar interests.

“It has allowed him the opportunity to be around others with disabilities also,” Pullen said. “Seeing the struggles they go through and the struggles he goes through has allowed him the opportunity to make some friendships where he is in a comfortable environment and he can be himself.”