Regress the Stress

How High Schools Can Reduce Student Stressors

All across the globe, high school students are affected by stress. Whether that’s school-affiliated stress or external factors playing a role, it’s definitely happening. Even so, many memes have circled the internet about the stress of homework and balancing “so much at one time” that students feel as if they’re literally crumbling at the seams.

So what exactly can schools, teachers and even students do to prevent and/or cure this stress epidemic?

Go easy on the homework! No, but seriously. Students have admitted to doing over 4 hours of homework a night— keep in mind that leaves just about 2-3 hours to maintain a social life!!
Study Time!
Schools that offer a study period for students have proven that students will actually crack open their books. A study-hall class (one that doesn’t have a set curriculum) would allow for students to catch a breather and maybe catch up on assignments too!
3. Scheduling of Test Days
Absolutely nothing is worse than having 4 tests on the same day. How do you possibly study and retain enough for that? By teachers communicating test dates in advance, students wouldn’t have as much jam-packed stress in their school days.
4. Take Field Trips
Even if it’s just to the zoo or the town’s public park, any change of scenery can reduce stress in a student’s life. A bonus-benefit of field trips is the promoted comradery that could potentially decrease social anxieties in teens!
5. Promote Self-Care as a necessity.
Many times, students just want to feel like they are cared for by their teachers and peers— which really isn’t asking too much! By school districts promoting self-care and teaching the power in being in control of your body and mind, it will help students extremely in the real world! An example would be implementing a Stress Management 101 class with a piggy-backed implementation of yoga and calm meditations. This is sure to held depression/anxiety/excessive stress sufferers find their personal way of coping and healing!