Featured Faces: Gray Pittman


What’s on my TV?: Rick and Morty

What I drive: Kia Forte that drives faster than your car

Favorite Movies: The Departed, Django, all the Star Wars movies

Favorite music: Hip-Hop, R&B

Favorite Website or Social Media: Youtube

Superstitions: How you treat your dog determines how life will treat you

Worst habit: Biting my lip

I would love to trade places for a day with: Travis Scott… that man is always having a good time.

First job: I worked at a vet clinic for about 3 weeks.

Favorite food: Olive Garden Salad with chicken and gnoki soup following.

Favorite drink: Pineapple Fanta

Talent I would most like to have: To be able to draw.

Favorite celebrity: Travis Scott

Favorite city to visit: I went to Hollywood with my brother over the summer.

Greatest love: Being with my family on the lake.

Hero: My dad

Hobbies: Playing basketball, listening to music, hanging with friends… the typical response.

Bucket list: To crowd surf at an insane concert.

What makes me unique: I do what I like.

Future plans: To make money doing something I love