Eight Tips to Stay Organized

Staying organized is a key thing for high school students. Here are eight tips to keep your stuff organized for school.

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Staying organized is a key thing for high school students. Here are eight tips to keep your stuff organized for school.

In various classrooms in schools everywhere, several students pull the crumpled papers out of their backpacks, frantically searching for their English homework assignment. At different intervals, they find it mixed in with their algebra papers and turn it in. In their next class, they cannot find their Spanish homework. Some realize that they left it at home. They all know they need to become more organized, but they just don’t know how. The key is to have specific strategies to follow for organization.


  1. Have a folder or binder for each class. Label it with the name of the class, and when putting the folders or binders in a backpack, put them in the order of the classes you go to. Try getting different colored folders or binders. This can help you keep it straight in your mind what color is for which class.
  2. Have dividers for your folders to keep your papers organized. Consider labeling them things like “Vocabulary,” “Notes,” “Returned Graded Papers” or anything else that will keep you more organized.
  3. When you receive or finish a homework assignment, make sure you place it in the correct folder or binder so you can find it without having to search too hard for it.
  4. Have a separate folder for blank notebook paper so that it isn’t mixed in with everything else in your backpack.
  5. Use a backpack with a lot of pockets so that you can fit all your binders and extra supplies.
  6. Keep all your pencils, pens, highlighters and other writing supplies together. Know which pocket they’re in so you can find them easily. Consider getting a pencil bag to carry all of your pencils, pens and any other supplies you want to.
  7. Clean out old graded papers and trash often. At least once a six weeks is ideal.
  8. If you use Google Drive like I do, make folders inside folders inside folders. For example, I have a folder for eighth grade, my freshman year and my sophomore year. Inside each of these folders, I have a folder for each of my classes, regardless of whether or not there is a corresponding Google Classroom class. Inside each of these class folders, I organize even more. For instance, in my folder for my English, I have a folder titled “Essays,” one called “Poetry,” and a final titled “Other Assignments.” In my Algebra II folder, I have four folders, “Homework,” “Notes,” “Test Reviews” and “Other Stuff.” Inside each of these folders, I have other folders labeled for each of the units and lessons.

Though some of these may seem a bit extreme, these are the strategies I use to keep myself organized at school. By using these strategies, I have been able to maintain my spot in the top 5 students in my class because I can easily keep track with the homework I have to do and where the work is after I finish. I hope these tips help you become more organized for school as well.