Speech and Debate Compete at St. Mark’s

The Lindale Speech and Debate team competed at two different tournaments this weekend.  With many of our students involved with CountryFest, we traveled with smaller squads.  On Friday, the seven team members competed at the Heart of Texas Invitational at the St. Mark’s School of Texas which attracts schools from across the country.  On Saturday, a slightly larger group of students competed at North Lamar High School in Paris.  Both groups emerged with FIRST PLACE tournament sweepstakes awards.  Individual results are as follows:
St. Mark’s
1st Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
1st Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
2nd Dramatic Interpretation – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
2nd Original Oratory – Haley Bass (’20)
3rd Dramatic Interpretation – Maddie Mezzell (’19)
3rd Original Oratory – Elizabeth Tagg (’18)
5th Original Oratory – Jeremy Guidotti (’20)
Evan received the LD Naegelin award for the best overall individual competitor.  The team also won the first place overall sweepstakes being named a School of Excellence (and the plaque is HUGE).
1st Dramatic Interpretation – Maddie Mezzell (’19)
1st Informative Extemporaneous Speaking – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
1st Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Zachary Jones (’21)
  Zachary was top speaker.
1st Original Oratory – Haley Bass (’20)
1st Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
  Evan was top speaker.
2nd Informative Extemporaneous Speaking – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
2nd Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Braden Heizer (’21)
2nd Prose Interpretation – Haley Bass (’20)
3rd Congressional Debate – Evan Bewersdorf (’18)
3rd Original Oratory – Emma Cook (’20)
3rd Prose Interpretation – Nalany Hernandez (’20)
4th Original Oratory – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
4th Poetry Interpretation – Jeremy Guidotti (’20)
4th Prose Interpretation – Josh Smith (’21)
4th Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
5th Original Oratory – Jeremy Guidotti (’20)
5th Poetry Interpretation – Maddie Mezzell (’19)
7th Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking – Peyton Pascual (’18)