Featured Faces: Elvis Farmer


Abby Fernandez

Elvis Farmer performing in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

He takes a deep breath as he prepares to go on stage. The familiarity of the lights and the floor beneath his feet calm him down. A smile spreads across his face and he starts his monologue; he is home.

Elvis Farmer is a junior and member of the theater program. He is currently in the theatre production III class and serves as the properties master of the drama club.

“Elvis’s theater presence is one that is respected by many in the program,” junior Evan Howell said. “Whether it be on or off stage, he is a model of a great actor though his open-mindedness and ability to adapt to changes around him.”

In his free time, Farmer enjoys creative writing. His favorite thing to write is poetry.

“Theatre and poetry bring me joy,” Farmer said. “Writing poetry just puts me in a whole new world with each poem, and it’s amazing.”

Farmer is a strong believer of individuality. He believes that every person should be creative and unique in everything they do.

“Creativity starts with you,” Farmer said. “If you can’t be creative with yourself, you can’t be creative in your work.”

According to his friends, Farmer is an overall wonderful person to be around. He is kind to everyone no matter who they are.

“His passion and compassion for other people are astounding, and sometimes at his own expense,” Howell said. “He means no harm in what he says and does, which in today’s world is truly admirable.”