Featured Faces: Ben Roach


Mary Ray

Freshmen Ben Roach takes photographs on an Art Club excursion in Ben Wheeler. Roach is talented in several artistic and musical aspects

What’s on my TV: channels

What I drive: I don’t, but I have a 1998 chevy truck

Favorite movies: An Unfinished Life, Pride and Prejudice, Real Steel

Favorite music: Hozier, Van Halen, Lumineers, Down in the Valley

Favorite website or social media: YouTube

Superstitions: none

Worst habit: playing guitar too loudly

I would love to trade places for a day with: no one

First job: chopping wood

Favorite meal: fried anything

Favorite drink: coffeeeee

Talent I would most like to have: voice

Favorite celebrity: ?

Favorite city to visit: Chicago

Greatest love: music

My hero: my dad

Hobbies or interests: playing guitar, piano, drums, banjo, ukulele

My bucket list: be in a successful band, meet God