Audio Visual Classes Begin News Broadcast


Ronak Desai

Junior Kaylee Rodriquez delivers the news for the first broadcast. The class planned and prepared for weeks before the filming.

Students in the advanced Audio Visual Production class are beginning a broadcast to highlight news and complement the The Eagle Eye’s publications. The first edition was filmed on Thursday.

“I had a vision to create a broadcast program to give students an opportunity to create and produce school related broadcast video in order for students to get insight into the industry,” CTE director Brent Berryman said. “The broadcast they will create and distribute to the school community.”

Publications adviser and teacher Neda Morrow also assists in the production by instructing students to use equipment and providing a location for it to be filmed.

“The broadcast, on a much smaller scale, was created in a way that is similar to how it is done in professional newsrooms,” Morrow said. “Our future plans include getting a real newsdesk, creating our own virtual background set and having more on site. I am so proud of these kids for stretching themselves academically.”

While others in the Audio Visual Production class will assist in preparation, the student delivering the news is Kaylee Rodriquez. Because it requires rigorous preparation, the broadcast will air once every six weeks.

“There are many different elements that go into making the production run smoothly,” student director Sydney Smith said. “Students must first write scripts, cut video packages, set up all of the equipment and run cameras while recording everything live off the Tricaster. Additionally, our anchor must read from the script and know when to start and stop as video packages are played.”

Conducting the broadcast aims to impart skills on to the students they can use outside of school as well. It is targeted to assist participants with securing a career in the future.

It sets the foundation for future job opportunities.”

— Annie Barr

From participating in the broadcast, we learn the basics of a news broadcasting network, like making news packages and running cameras,” sophomore Annie Barr said. “It sets the foundation for future job opportunities.”