High School Hosts Mini College Fair


Students approach the tables of various colleges to receive information. Representatives from several schools came to inform the students on the individual benefits of each college.

The high school hosted a mini college fair this Wednesday morning in the cafeteria. Colleges such as Louisiana State University (LSU), Mississippi State, the University of Arkansas and the University of Alabama were present.

“We feel like, here in the counseling department, it is important for students to be able to visit with a variety of different colleges to help them see which colleges are the best fit for them,” counselor Tamica Collard said. “[So they are able to] see some of the opportunities that are out there.”

College fairs are an opportunity for students to visit with admissions counselors and have face to face interaction with the colleges before officially committing. Many seniors have a very important decision looming, so any chance for clarity in the often confusing process of dedicating to a college is greatly appreciated.

“Trying to find information on college can be very overwhelming,” senior Regan GoDair said.”The college fair gives me and other seniors the opportunity to find the exact information we need to apply for the colleges we want to go to.”

All students are also welcome to attend another college fair held at Grace Community High School this Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. In addition, on October 5, in the University Center Ballroom, the University of Texas in Tyler (U.T. Tyler) will be holding a financial aid and scholarship night welcome to undergraduate students and parents. The counseling department is hoping to host another, larger college fair in the spring.

“I think these mini college fairs, or even just some of our local colleges come and visit, are a great opportunity for students to think and come up with new questions to help get ready for the next step of their life,” Collard said.