Star Steppers Host Homecoming Dance


Alanna Kologey

Students dance together at the homecoming dance. The Star Steppers hosted the dance at 6S Ranch.

Homecoming dances are a tradition for many schools to celebrate their football team’s victory and show off their school spirit. This year’s homecoming dance was a new tradition for students at Lindale. The dance was hosted on September 23 by Star Steppers and the Support Our Stars Board at 6S Ranch.

“It was a great experience,” drill team director Keri Pierce said. “The kids that attended had so much fun. Of all the dances drill team has sponsored, I would say that this was hands down our best dance yet. I think that it will be a great tradition for Lindale students.”

The ranch decorated the entire venue for the event. The only responsibilities left to the Star Steppers and sponsors were to provide food, drinks and music.

“We put the dance together as another way to let the student body have fun and enjoy themselves on homecoming,” junior Kayley Kraig said. “I’m normally not one to go to dances, but I’m glad I went.”

Denim and diamonds was the theme for the dance, and unlike prom or winter formal, students could be dressed informally and feel relaxed. Invitations were sent out through social media and flyers around the school.

“What made this dance different than other dances was that this was super casual but still fun,” Kraig said. “It was a ‘show up and have the time of your life’ kind of dance.”

We put the dance together as another way to let the student body have fun and enjoy themselves on homecoming.”

— Kayley Kraig

Around 300 students attended the function and enjoyed the location and venue. Tickets were being sold during school and at the gate for 15 dollars.

“I only have so many high school dances, so it was worth it,” junior Sarah Kiser said. “I went with my sister and some friends.”

Many students have never gotten the chance to go to a homecoming dance since Lindale hasn’t hosted one for years. This dance was a good experience for everyone who went to go out and have a fun time with friends.

“It was super fun, and everyone looked like they were having a great time,” senior Kayla Odama said. “I went because it is my senior year, and I have never been before. The place was beautiful and cute, and the food was really good, too.”