Career week and college day coming in April


Isabelle Phillips

2017 College and Career week is taking place April 7 through 13.

Friday April 7 will be a college day where  speakers from UTT, TJC, A&M Commerce and more will be on campus discussing college applications, scholarships,  financial aid and more.  Students are encouraged to wear their favorite college gear. 

The following week of April 10 through 13, LHS will host a College and Career Week with presentations on a variety of careers. There will be different speakers from each endorsement offered at LHS: Public Services, Business and Industry, Arts and Humanities, Science Technology, Engineering and Math. Some of the speakers include representatives from the FBI, Child Protective Services, Texas Bank & Trust, photographers and more. They will speak about the types of jobs offered in their fields, what they do day-to-day and average salary.

On Tuesday April 11, we will also host a small college fair during 5th period. Mrs. Hodges urges any willing 5th period teachers to allow their students to attend the fair during class since time during lunch is abbreviated. During the college fair, there will be admission recruiters from out-of-state colleges with details on admission requirements, scholarship opportunity information and insight on campus life. The following schools have committed to attending the fair: LSU, University of Alabama, University of Kansas, University of Arkansas, George Mason University, University of Tampa, Kansas State University, Mississippi State University, University of Missouri, and Southern Arkansas University.

“[It is] an opportunity to talk with an out-of-state college Representative,” Hodges said. “They are here to obliterate the myth that out of state school is too expensive. I encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to have an out of state representative to directly correspond with.”

There is a larger college fair Tuesday April 11, at UT Tyler in the Ornelas Activities Center at 6 to 8 p.m.

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