Against the status quo

Groups of students walk through the hall on their way to class/

Evan Bewersdorf

Groups of students walk through the hall on their way to class/

Since the time that we started school, we have put labels on each other that could potentially  define us for the rest of our academic career. We may not necessarily fall under the labels that we are given but that is how our peers see us. However, the problem doesn’t start with our friends, it begins when society tells us how each person is supposed to look and act.

While walking down the hallway in between periods, our minds subconsciously associate people with a certain clique. “The jock” lives for sports and can usually be seen wearing athletic clothes. “The geeks” are considered the smart ones who love fantasy movies and role playing games. 

“The hipsters” tend to put together fashionable outfits that look effortless. “The emo kids”  have fluctuating emotions and sport dark clothing. The “popular kids” are the people everyone knows. But what if these people feel pressured to act according to these stereotypical roles and in reality would rather be themselves and not stick with the status quo?

As a society it is not right to categorize students based on assumptions when we only know them inside of school walls. We base our opinions not upon each other’s characters but on the way we choose to see them.

As a student body we should be together as one instead of categorized and separated by labels that the world created. We all walk through the same halls and into the same school everyday. We are not that much different and we should start seeing each other as our peers and not a title.